Meet Erik Stanger

Join my fight to flip Colorado's 6th District for the first time in history!

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I entered this race to be a countering force of good. To reverse the tide of radicalism and polarization, get both sides working together, and to give entrenched career politicians the boot. My approach to politics is the same as my personal philosophy: absolute transparency and transformative progress. That means being personally accountable and accessible.

I've been a worker for most of my life. My mother and I worked together at my first job as a server at a small pizza restaurant in Davie, Florida. My next job was a telemarketer. Then I had some real dirty jobs. I was a construction worker for over half a decade. I actually enjoy working with my hands, crafting, helping others with their projects. I fix my own cars and drive anything from two to eighteen wheels. That's what brings me here today.

When Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast I volunteered for the recovery effort. During Hurricane Wilma, the torrential winds broke power lines and trees, causing panic, blackouts, and massive damage. When the power went out my neighbors needed essential supplies, I rode on a bicycle with food, water, and medical supplies through the storm to reach the isolated victims. Afterwards my family donated clothing and cleared debris and I volunteered to package food to distribute at local homeless shelters.

Working to the middle income arena, I was faced with a moral dilemma: sell out everything that was good about myself, about other people, just to make it up the ladder to being wealthy. I refused to do it. I have no stocks. No investments. I refuse all donations from Oil companies, Wall Street banks, and SuperPACs. It was working as a Systems Manager when I saw entire industries, including the tech industry of which I was part of, have the majority of jobs sent overseas. I was one of millions of Americans that had outsourcing impact a career earned by the dilligent hard work of getting an education and fostering connections in the community. Instead of selling those skills, I have translated them into a program that provides free assistance finding and fixing computers for low income individuals and families in Aurora and Centennial.

"I have no stocks. No investments. I refuse all donations from Oil companies, Wall Street banks, and SuperPACs."

I moved two-thirds of the way across America and found my true home in Colorado to make this possible. I'm a worker. A maker. A coder. A DiYer. I believe that to get a job done right, sometimes you need to do it yourself. That's why I'm inviting you to join this community-driven grassroots effort to inject new blood into our Congress that badly needs a transfusion of new ideas.

My first priority is and will always be you. I will continue to fight for equal rights until every American has a basic level of resources, including a job, housing, education, and healthcare for all. Every person in our society can regain their humanity and rise together to face the next day, what ever it may bring.