Meet Erik Stanger

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"I will never stop fighting for women, for Universal healthcare, for equal rights, for the people's right to vote, for animals and the environment, no matter what happens with no exceptions."

This year arises the opportunity to send new leadership to Congress. My policy in Congress is the same as my personal code of ethics: absolute transparency and transformative progress. I will form an open Citizen's Council and hold regular town halls to encourage constituent participation in the passing of legislation that will affect their lives. I will never stop fighting for women, for Universal healthcare, for equal rights, for the people's right to vote, for animals and the environment, no matter what happens with no exceptions. As the most accessible, most progressive candidate in this race, I will always represent the people first.

Healthcare is a Human Right

Every other developed nation on the planet has universal healthcare. America has one of the most advanced healthcare systems, yet we pay the highest cost on prescription drugs and basic medical care. A nation can only be truly great when it joins the rest of the world by taking care of its own people.

Working Americans pay into Medicare so it's not an entitlement, but rather a service that should not be age dependent, and should work for everyone. Allowing Medicare and Medicaid to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies on our behalf for lower drug prices will bring in $23 billion per year, keeping the program solvent and expandable to all Americans regardless of age, income, gender, or status.

Healthcare for all will ensure job security for the entire medical profession and for millions of working Americans who are one illness away from losing their jobs and spiraling into debt. A legislative solution that creates a system of Universal Healthcare for all will mean Americans will no longer die of preventable diseases, worry about going into debt for being sick, and can join the rest of the developed world in having increased productivity and quality of life.

Protect Our Lands

The military, US national security and intelligence agencies all agree that climate change is real, manmade, and dangerous. If US armed services are planning for the impending outcomes of rapid, permanent changes in climate, then its devastating effects are already here. We have to tackle this challenge head on. There's no time for science deniers.

The use of hydraulic fracturing or fracking in residential communities is a recipe for disaster. To keep Colorado safe we must end all current plans for future drilling sites and remove old pipelines and facilities as we move away from fossil fuels. I have been a longtime opponent of fracking and dangerous gas lines running through our communities, including the Keystone XL and Dakota Access (DAPL) Pipelines, which have spilled hundreds of thousands of gallons of toxic waste. I'm calling for a complete moratorium on all fracking in the State of Colorado. Our neighbors in Oklahoma have experienced five to nine times the amount of earthquakes since they began fracking.

"I'm calling for a complete moratorium on all fracking in the State of Colorado."

The science is in: fracking is a major contributing factor to polluting the Colorado River which runs right into the Pacific Ocean. Rising ocean temperatures are linked to the increase in frequency and intensity of natural disasters, from earthquakes to hurricanes and tornadoes.

Renewable Energy

The science is in, folks: climate change is real, manmade, and it's here to stay. The disastrous affects of extreme climate conditions can be seen in coastal communities all over the world. It's time to return to a science-based approach on how we tackle major problems that our country faces. The US government is the only entity capable of reigning in major polluters and has the responsibility to do so. The Dying Fossil Fuel industry is steadily abandoning coal and oil workers, who have more than earned a fair shot at a new career like building the wind and solar energy grids that will power America's future.

There are many alternative forms of energy available that don't destroy our precious lands, pollute our water and air, and add to climate change. It's a no-brainer to invest in renewables. Colorado can be a leading world economy if we infuse renewables into every aspect of infrastructure. To move forward on this I have pledged to support Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act (HR 3617) so the US moves rapidly towards 100% renewable energy by 2035.

We need to compete on the global market and the resources we use moving forward must be renewable. Enhancing with solar panels only 4% of the surface area of the US would provide energy independence for our whole country. Putting renewables in every hand and on every roof will reverse climate change and create global energy independence.

Modernize Infrastructure

How can we trust that representatives will be able to modernize our informational and physical infrastructure if they don't know anything about it? Will private firms be able to keep our personal data safe? The Equifax hack was the largest financial breach in history, with over half of Americans personal and private credit data was stolen by unknown agents. Despite this massive hack, this disseminated data still determines if you can get a car loan or a mortgage for a home. It has never been more important to secure our private data and protect internet freedom.

Roads, bridges, and airports across America are crumbling. If we fast track repairs using the same methods, without considering the environmental impact and using nonrenewable resources, we will be dealing with this problem forever. Renewable resources such as solar and wind, and carbon-negative processes and materials like hempcrete need be used on infrastructure projects.

The City of Denver is already known as a mecca for the world's leading designers. I was an early supporter of affordable, high-speed transportation around the Denver-Aurora Metro area. Working with the top designers we can engineer plans to cover rooftops, parking garages and lots with solar panels, tie in independent power sources to community grids, and power our homes and businesses with the limitless power of the sun.

Internet Access For All

Since the turn of the 21st century internet access has been necessary to communicate with employers. Anything required to acquire a job should be considered a civil right. The United Nations recognizes internet access as a civil right, yet many Americans still don't have this basic necessity. We must establish net neutrality and a free and open internet. Securing net neutrality with Title 2 will ensure the internet remains a level playing field that allows innovative educational and entrepreneurial opportunities.

"We must establish net neutrality and a free and open internet."

My plan for citywide broadband internet access for Aurora and Centennial is scalable countywide to cover the whole Denver Metro area, and eventually statewide broadband internet that will be cost-neutral to municipalities and provide internet access to all Coloradans. The physical architecture of this network can be scaled to national internet, which can be layered to create fee-free access to provide opportunity to the underprivileged to find a new job or engage in the national conversation.

Election Reform and Security

The cornerstone of our Democracy is our ability to elect our leaders instead of having them appointed. Yet that unalienable civil right of voting is vulnerable to foreign agents. From online influence campaigns meant to sway voters, to hacking of digital voting machines, it is clear that how we do elections must change. A seven step process that allows for digital voting machines, as well as internet voting, which would be backed up by hand-counted paper ballots, and finalized with a unique code returned to each voter to confirm their vote would be the most secure and future-ready solution.

The Election of 2016 was the most expensive political race in US history. Citizens United made it possible for untraceable and sometimes illegally gained dark money to influence American elections. I unequivocally support a Constitutional Amendment to repeal Citizens United. Improprities in campaign finances that pre-date Citizens United must be examined and corrected to prevent conflicts of interest and abuses of power.

"I unequivocally support a Constitutional Amendment to repeal Citizens United."

Gerrymandering is detrimental to how our citizens, towns and cities are treated. An independent nonpartisan council must determine district borders. Election Day (every first Tuesday of November) should be established as a National Holiday so everyone can get involved in the election process and have their voice heard.

Economy That Works for All

We need to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour as well as index wages to the cost of living so no American falls behind. Fight wage theft and tip theft at every level to ensure vulnerable workers and their families can thrive, and that includes eliminating the loophole that lets employers pay tipped workers less than minimum wage. We should quickly act to repeal "right to work" laws such as Taft-Hartley that operate more like "right to fire" by restricting workers' rights to unionize and job security.

The United States needs strong, intelligent, and compassionate leaders to dominate the 21st Century. Leaders that understand and embolden people before profits. For US to move forward new leaders have to get into power and choose to share that power. I will bring your voice to Washington. If I am elected as your next Congressman you will always have a seat at the table.